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At Brave, B2C solutions are our lifeblood – we know how to offer you futureproof, dynamic ideas, with impeccable designs. Revamping your Magento B2C site can be the key to maximizing conversions, so we can help you step up your presence so you can bring your business to the next level.

At Brave, we have a winning team of developers who have the knowledge base to ensure that every single one of our projects are a resounding success, and something we are proud of. Our most powerful string to our bow is however, Magento. The Magento platform combined with our experience and expertise is the perfect combination to delivery an entirely custom Magento B2C shop. We know exactly how to tailor the platform to meet client’s needs. If that isn’t enough, we can also help boost conversions and traffic with our in-house PPC and digital marketing services.

We are also pretty clued up on Magento hosting, so your systems will deliver optimum speed and performance. Flawless ERP integration will help you streamline your day-to-day business, and succeed in the increasingly competitive B2C market.

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We’ve worked with Magento B2C clients all over the UK, selling anything from clothes to festival packages. Every project is different, but our knowledge and experience means we can carefully craft your Magento website to be its best. We also offer fast and friendly support, so you’ll never feel out of your depth.

Developers & Project Management

We like to think of ourselves as an extension to your team, not an outside agency. Our super-efficient project management team will handle your project from start to finish by working closely with you to meet your needs. Behind that, we have a team of developers with the experience you need to build your site.

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We wouldn’t be an extension of the team if we didn’t stick around and offer our support whenever you need it. Like a good friend, we pride ourselves on being a top-notch support system for clients after sites have gone live. We can help you with day-to-day maintenance, and will help you with any upgrades or problems you have. We will also provide training for your team, so they can handle say-to-day tasks too.

Magento SEO & Marketing

We don’t ever launch a solution without completing an industry leading, full SEO & code audit on the test website before it goes live. When we’ve got your site live, we can help you shout about it and really boost sales so you can notice the ROI. As experts in PPC and content marketing, we can ensure you’re making the most of the online platform.

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Robert Old is a family run business that’s been going since 1909! They came to the team at BRAVE back in 2013, and have been working with us ever since to develop and improve their ecommerce B2C platform.

The team at BRAVE have taken Robert Old from a dilapidated custom built ecommerce CMS system over to the Magento ecommerce platform, and completed a full data migration in the process. By migrating data, we were able to ensure customer account / orders were not lost, and all existing product data remained visible on the website. BRAVE are able to migrate clients form all major ecommerce platforms, or where lesser known or custom platforms are in use, manually transfer data to ensure the swift and painless transition to the Magento platform.

Design was of upmost importance to Robert Old. We had to be sure to incorporate a design on the website which truly reflects the prestige of the company, and the garments in which they list. Following the robust BRAVE design processes, Robert Old have been able to refine their site to meet and exceed all of their expectations.

The use of modern techniques such as responsive design and the latest SEO friendly practices, Robert Old have an ecommerce solution that not only looks great, but also performs in the eyes of Google and other search giants.

Design isn’t everything however – functionality is also king when it comes to providing your customer with a rich user experience. Integration with 3rd party solutions has helped to take Robert Old to the next level. Integration with the TRIMS EPOS and ERM system, has helped with seamless stock management across all platforms – including their retail premises, Magento, and online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

By providing customers with a variety payment options will ultimately increase conversion on your checkouts. In order to do so for Robert Old, Sage Pay and PayPal have been integrated with their Magento store. Say Pay provides a comprehensive service for credit / debit card processing with the addition of 3rd man reporting and scoring on all transactions. This system not only keeps customers’ data safe, but also prevents fraud and loss of revenue.

Robert Old provide shipping worldwide and have worked with the team at brave to implement a shipping solution which caters for every eventuality. This solution relies on the upgraded Matrix Rates extension for Magento and will provide customers with a variety of shipping options based upon what they have ordered, their delivery address, order value, quantity and weight.

Integration with online marketplaces will give your business the additional reach it needs to excel online. By expertly using and configuring M2E Pro, BRAVE have been able to seamlessly sell products between Magento, eBay and Amazon to drive additional sales and revenue. This integration gives a single location – Magento – to manage all listing, sales and customers.

Despite the wealth of extensions available for Magento online, there are occasions where you will find that your requirements cannot be fulfilled by readily available modules. This is where the BRAVE team can help you by developing custom extensions to meet your needs. Robert Old have worked with BRAVE to create customer extensions for their site to provide additional functionality such as THE CELLAR, advanced banner management and a simple to use stock checker.


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