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Beautiful, Interactive Mobile Apps

BRAVE has a highly skilled team of mobile app developers and consultants, proficient in iPhone and Android native hybrid apps as well as professional web apps that make your site mobile.

With increasing difficulties in organic rankings in Google, mobile apps are a way to truly interact and be adored by your customers – putting your organisation in their pocket. Our mobile app development team can open up opportunities to engage your audience, heightening the value perception of your brand.

BRAVE can develop mobile apps for the Apple App Store and Google Play’s Android market using a variety of technology methods including native, hybrid, HTML5, web apps and responsive websites. All we need to do is hear your awesome ideas and refer you to the functionality, technology platform and pricing that suits you.


Apple App Development (iOS)

BRAVE is capable of creating a user-friendly, fully functional iPhone app that can be downloaded to any Apple mobile or tablet device. Our iPhone and iPad app development services can cover all sorts of niches like business, education, finance, travel, photography and more, getting you through Apple’s review process guidelines and ready to download. Using our experience as an iOS app development company, we focus on the usability, presentation and stickiness of your mobile app to make sure it doesn’t end up in a folder at the back of an iPhone or iPad!


Android App Development

The BRAVE team here can create a user-friendly, technically and aesthetically pleasing Android app that can help your business thrive – downloadable from the Google Play Android Marketplace. Our Android app developers can build you thrilling, interactive applications that cover all sorts of categories; social networking, sports, news, food and more. We cover every aspect you desire from an Android app development company – we plan, design the app, create promotional icons and get it in the store with the right tags to get it found!


Native, Hybrid or HTML5?

BRAVE can advise on which of the three mobile app technologies suit your business and user goals the best. Native development apps will deliver your users the best usability with features like multi touch, fast graphics API and in-built device components. HTML5 development apps are essentially a normal webpage designed to work on any smart device, but lack the in-built communication with device components. Hybrid combines all the functionality of both good and bad in a native form. All have their strengths and weaknesses!


Multi Device Tablet / Mobile

BRAVE can provide Android tablet development, as well as iPad development, services to amplify the user experience on different devices and screen resolutions. Tablet sales have grown immensely over the past few years, coupled with mobile they swallow over half of the traffic you receive. Getting a tablet developed app is essential for embracing the way your consumers digest your brand. Devices like tablets and iPads use the same coding interfaces and languages as your mobile, so we can create multi device mobile application interfaces at reduce costs.


Web App Integration

When developing a mobile app for iOS/Android, it could be a challenge to integrate the application with your CRM, ERP or external APIs. BRAVE has an experienced team that works with third party applications and APIs, integrating them with your mobile app or web applications to offer a seamless transition between your business and app. Why not bring your social, mobile and technology together on one platform.


Responsive Mobile Websites

A common oversight businesses make is confusing a mobile app with a mobile version of your website. Nowadays, skilled agencies like BRAVE can develop websites that adapt and change depending on the screen resolution of the device viewing it, this is called responsive. If you want a future proof version of your website that’s found on a standard browser and has only one source of content, rather than separate download from an app store, then responsive web design is for you.

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Whether you’re looking for iOS or Android development services, or simply a responsive website or application, BRAVE can create solutions your customers won’t put down. Our app development process is very similar to our standard or open source development delivery. BRAVE will construct a strategic roadmap from defining your goals and users’ needs – focusing on user experience and intelligent functional and system integration. We deliver apps that stick.

1. App Project Definition

We begin by outlining the mobile strategy your business has and providing experienced consultancy to confirm the right technology needed to serve your users. From this we can confirm a basic requirements document.

At this stage we can throw more chefs in the broth and use our extensive UX and big brand experience to assure the mobile app we deliver will provide an engaging brand experience. This can help define the user personas and content required to make a successful mobile application.

2. App Project Planning & Scoping

With the persona base and technology confirmed, we can begin scoping the functionality of your mobile or responsive web app. Through this audit we agree on individual page functions, building a page-by-page hierarchical map to envision the final product navigation.

After all navigational and functional roadblocks have been eradicated; we’ll have a working prototype in mind that we can begin designing. By doing so, you’ll have confidence from the outset that your killer ideas are all able to come to life with a lick of paint!

3. Mobile App Design Services

At the design phase, we’ll begin to wireframe the layout of each page on the hierarchical sitemap, inserting the core functions and navigation. You’ll also have the opportunity for us to build a working prototype, which we can run extensive user testing on before investing design and development time.

Many apps and responsive websites fail to meet their potential by simply having poor user journeys and no testing before launch. While we’re immensely experienced in design, we’ve seen small changes like the text placed on a button actually double goal conversions.

All designs will be completed and uploaded online so you can login, annotate and work through versions until we have the perfect design for you.

4. Mobile App Development Services

Our mobile app developers work by breaking down the designs and applying them to the prototype framework defined in our project planning. We work through all the system integration, collaborating with any external parties required until the app or responsive website is ready to enter quality assurance.

Whether you team up with our Android or iPhone developers, or responsive web application developers, we all work using the agile development approach. This is where an individual is responsible for taking a project component through planning, development and running it through quality assurance until it is completed. Breaking the development down like this delivers a solid product that you can rely on.

5. Use Acceptance Testing

After the agile app development is complete, we will run the whole system through quality assurance and app acceptance testing. This is to ensure everything we agreed on in the planning and design phase has been adhered to, and that you’ll have a professional engaging application.

Our app developers will then provide you with a working prototype that you can download onto your device or in the case of a responsive website, securely login and view to test and sign off.

6. Delivery

For responsive web apps, we can simply run through a standard launch phase and publish it online once all parties are happy. We work through a web standards checklist to make all the code is optimised and search engine ready.

In terms of releasing an app on Google’s Play Store (Android Marketplace), it is generally live within a few hours. Releasing apps developed for iOS on the Apple App Store can take a few weeks to go through Apple’s quality assurance and guidelines.

Post launch we’re here to help make sure all goes smoothly, all you have to worry about is showing off your new site.


Client: Days Out With Kids

Objective: To provide a web based business directory of attractions and events specifically targeting families with children via mobile iOS, Android, Windows Mobile & BlackBerry interfaces.

Strategy: Rewrite the existing Days Out with Kids website, providing a mobile interface to use: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript with jQuery, Leaflet, Open Graph and Pushwoosh libraries.

Results: A beautiful iOS and Android app heavily integrated with Facebook’s open graph including logging in, checking in to places and sharing favorite locations. An admin tool was also created to manage attraction details for both Day Out with Kids staff and the attractions themselves.