Top 25 WordPress Plugins Used To Skyrocket Websites In 2016

These 25 WordPress Plugins Are Used By The Big Brands We Work With To Blow Away Users & Search Engines

WordPress is the number one content management system used by almost a quarter of all websites globally thanks to its powerful, flexible, user-friendly nature.

Years of experience developing a vast range of WordPress CMS websites has allowed us to build up list of incredible plugins – providing websites with bespoke, custom, beautiful websites with all the functionality they need and more. Here we expose which plugins the big brands we work with use on a day-to-day basis. These are key to creating a solid foundation and exploiting hidden gems which will propel the growth of your WordPress site.

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  2. Banners
  3. Social Following & Sharing
  4. Commenting
  5. Technical
  6. Lead Gen and Email Marketing
  7. Form Builders
  8. Search Engine Optimisation

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What You Will Learn:

Propel Your Lead & Customer Marketing Database

Whatever your website goal, these key tools will triple your website leads, mailing lists and customer database. No experience required!

Get Big Brand SEO Rankings Out The Box

On page SEO is vital to the success of your WordPress solution – This band of SEO plugins will make your on-site optimisation smash your competitors out the park.

Shape Striking Pages Obliterating & Development Cost

Get a months’ worth of development out the box. Build mobile responsive pages and banners with simple drag and drop form based page builders.

FREE BONUS: Download a Free PDF list that will show you the exact list of plugins used by our big brand customers. Including the WordPress plugins used to manage this site!

Beautiful Page Design

Visual Composer

Visual Composer

Price: $28

  • Fully Responsive Pages Without Coding
  • Lifetime Updates For Free
  • Comprehensive Video Tutorials – Easy to Learn!
  • 45+ Content Elements Available
  • Multilanguage Interface with Language Pack

The Visual Composer WordPress Plugin is a front and backend page builder, allowing users to simply drag and drop sections into websites, saving you valuable time working on site content. Visual Composer removes the need for programming knowledge – no coding required – it simply allows you to add elements including buttons, images and text into a page using drag and drop functionality. Essentially this is a premium, all-in-one, stress-free WordPress website page builder and, whether you’re building the initial site or maintaining an existing one, it’s going to make your life a lot easier.

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

Ultimate add onsbtn-wordpress

Price: $17

  • #1 Best-Selling Visual Composer Addon
  • Training and HD Video Tutorials
  • Premium One-to-One Support
  • Dozens of Fully Responsive Interactive Elements
  • Parallax and Video Backgrounds

This plugin does exactly what it says on the tin, and more. Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer adds premium, fully-responsive, interactive elements to its parent plugin – adding to the existing ones already built-in to Visual Composer. Each element package has been designed with the aim of evolving your pages to provide the ultimate user experience – from advanced buttons, to countdown timers, Google Maps integration and interactive banners – and we couldn’t recommend them highly enough.



Price: $11

  • Total Control Over Your Visual Composer WordPress Site
  • Create, Set and Manage Control Access Across Templates
  • Simple Content Reuse Process
  • Edit All Content From One Place
  • High-End Online Support

Templatera is a comprehensive native add-on for the Visual Composer plugin, allowing users to create, set and manage user controls across all Visual Composer templates based on page types and user roles. It simplifies the content process, allowing you to manage all templates from one place or to create pre-defined content blocks which can be used throughout the site. Templatera essentially saves you time, by taking away the stress of constant content editing between pages. Editing your site content has never been easier.

Best Website Banner Plugins

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution

Price: $18

  • Completely Responsive With All Dimensions
  • Easy-Build, Drag and Drop Visual Editor
  • Huge Feature Updates
  • Loop Animations and Parallax Layers
  • Multilingual Functionality

The Slider Revolution Plugin allows you to build responsive, mobile-ready full-width slider banners – created with great design and SEO in mind. All content on the banner is readable for Google and other top search engines, and banners are customisable using the backend drag and drop functionality. Slider Revolution gives you the chance to build premium, attractive banners for your website, with unique video embedding, image preloading, auto play and transition effects that are bound to catch the attention of website users.


Layer Slider

Layer slider

Price: $17

  • Sliding, Fading, Rotating Slider Banners
  • 2D and 3D Slider Options
  • 13 Skins Included
  • Visual Transition Builder and Transition Gallery
  • Multilingual Support

Layer Slider helps you to create content sliders, slideshows and image galleries from your WordPress pages, with unique, must-see effects that make your site stand out from the rest. It’s known for its smooth transitions, and hundreds of pre-set 2D and 3D transitions, which offer more choice than any other WordPress slider plugin out there. Easy-to-use functionality and multilingual support also make this plugin an attractive choice, with real-time previews and timeline view giving you the full picture as you create your sliders.


FREE BONUS: Download a Free PDF list that will show you the exact list of plugins used by our big brand customers. Including the WordPress plugins used to manage this site!

Best Social Following & Sharing Plugins

Easy Social Share Plugins

Easy social sharebtn-wordpress

Price: $14

  • 20 Social Networks
  • Social Fans Counter with 5 Visual Templates
  • Social Media Metrics, Click Log and Analytics
  • Simple and Advanced Social Share Customisation
  • Ecommerce Ready

Offering use of 20 social networks, 12 native social buttons, 19 built-in templates and much more – Easy Social Shares Plugins for WordPress takes your social sharing capabilities to the next level. It’s your complete solution for sharing across all social networks, monitoring them and increasing your social standing and proof on your website. Using this plugin you’ll be able to control each of these aspects, monitoring them using built-in modules including Social Media Metrics, Google Analytics and Click log analytics. It’s set up for media sharing of images and videos too.


Monarch Social Share Buttons


Price: From $69

  • Use of 40 Social Networks
  • 8 Social Share Locations
  • Pops Ups to Boost Engagement
  • Optimised Loading Throughout Your Site
  • Totally Responsive, Customisable Design

Monarch Social Share Buttons is one of the most comprehensive social sharing plugins for WordPress. Providing you with an assorted range of display types including automatic pop ups, floating sidebars and social proof counters – this plugin will persuade your users to get involved with social following and sharing at every opportunity. Monarch makes it easy to monitor social sharing, providing tracking solutions so you always know the impact the plugin’s having. It looks great on your site too with responsive, retina display design which keeps your website ‘lightning fast’.


Price: From $17

  • Place Tweetable Quotes in Your Articles
  • 2 Click Tweet Process
  • Widely Known ‘Don’t Make Me Think’ Marketing Strategy
  • Customised TweetDis Designs
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

The TweetDis plugin for WordPress allows you to place tweetable text in your blog posts or online articles, giving your readers an easy incentive to share your latest update. Users can tweet this ‘tweetable text’, which is obviously formatted, by clicking on it and then pressing tweet. It’s proven that 26% of all retweets are incited by a request to do it – TweetDis is an easy, non-intrusive solution to adhering to this strategy.


Recent Tweets Widget

Recent tweets widget

View Screenshots / Demo

Price: Free

  • Most Recent Updates Shared On Your Website
  • Clear Proof of Social Activity
  • Gain Twitter Followers
  • Easy Integration to Your Site

Theme Prince’s Recent Tweet Widget for WordPress gives you the opportunity to share your latest tweets on your website. Encouraging social interaction, attraction new Twitter followers and acting as clear proof of activity on your social accounts – there’s no reason this plugin shouldn’t be on your WordPress site.


Best WordPress Commenting Plugins

Price: Free

  • Threaded Comments and Replies on Your Posts
  • Notifications and Reply Options by Email
  • Aggregated Social Mentions and Comments
  • Spam Filtering and Blacklisting Options
  • Online Support for Community Members

This plugin is a WordPress service tool for comment and discussions on your website or blog. Pronounced ‘discuss’, the Disqus community connects websites with commentators in a simple, interactive way. You even have the ability to have notifications sent to your email, where you can directly respond to new comments.

Price: Free

  • Embedded Facebook Posts
  • Like, Send and Follow Buttons For Your Site
  • Facebook Insights Support
  • Open Graph protocol
  • Facebook Comments Box social plugin

Facebook’s WordPress plugin associations your site with a free Facebook app identifier – giving you access to advanced features including automatic post sharing, content optimisation for social sharing and rich story previews for Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. The plugin gives you Like, Share and Follow buttons to boost your site readers’ sharing habits, enables a Facebook Comments Box so they can have their say and even provides support for Facebook Insights so you can see the benefit this has on your site and Facebook page.

Best Technical WordPress Plugins

Hide My WP

Hide my WPbtn-wordpress

Price: $22

  • Hide Your Site From Common WordPress Web Attacks
  • Protect Your Site From Malicious Plugins
  • Boost Your Site Security
  • Protect Your Site’s Reputation
  • Advice on How Dangerous Potential Threats Are

According to Hide My WP’s makers, more than 20% of the top 50 popular WordPress plugins are vulnerable web attacks – but it believes it has the solution to this problem. The Hide My WP plugin protects your site from brutal attacks on WordPress installations, and against potential vulnerabilities.

Broken Link Checker

Broken link checker

View Screenshots / Demo

Price: Free

  • Monitors All Links Across Your Entire Website
  • Detects Broken Links, Image and Redirects
  • Clear Dashboard and Email Notifications
  • Easy Search And Filter Link Options
  • Links Editable from Plugin Page

WordPress’ Broken Link Checker provides in the invaluable service or monitoring your blog for broken links, missing images and redirects. Notifying you by email or on your Broken Link Checker section of the WordPress dashboard, you’re then able to edit links directly from the plug in page, or by manually searching and filtering links by URL and anchor texts in the post. This plugin is bound to save you time and keep you blog in top shape.

Codestyling Localisation

Codestyling Localisation

View Screenshots / Demo

Price: Free

  • Automatic Detection of Gettext Components
  • Direct Management of Gettext Translation Files from Admin Centre
  • Creation of New Language Translation Files
  • Multiple Plugins in One Translation Unit
  • Complete Developer Code Comment Support for Translators

This plugin allows you to directly detect and manage all gettext translation files from the WordPress Admin Centre, avoiding the need for external editors. Codestyling Localisation automatically detects gettext ready components including WordPress or any plugins that support gettext – then scanning related source files and assisting you during translation using the Microsoft or Google Translator API.

Fancier Author Box

Fancier author box

View Screenshots / Demo

Price: Free

  • Make Every Page Post Stand Out to Readers
  • Personalise Author Bios and Descriptions
  • Customise Display and Colour Settings
  • Increase Your Blog’s Social Following
  • Online Support for Users

If you’re a regular blogger then you’ll soon find Fancier Author Box for WordPress an invaluable tool. The plugin allows you to customise author boxes on your blog posts with bolder text, brighter colours and longer descriptions – it even lets you to connect your social networks so that your users can engage with you on social networks too. Use this to grab people’s attention and keep them there.

WordPress Importer

WordPress Importer

View Screenshots / Demo

Price: Free

  • Stress-Free Import Process
  • Import Posts and Page From WordPress Export File
  • Import Comments From WordPress Export File
  • Import Custom Filed, Post Meta, Categories and More
  • Full Instructions Provided

This plugin is your hassle-free solution to importing data content from a WordPress export file. Allowing you to import everything from posts, pages and comments to custom fields, post meta, site categories, authors, and more – WordPress Importer simplifies the whole process.

Plugins For Lead Gen & Email Marketing

Ninja Popups for WordPress

Ninja Popups for WordPressbtn-wordpress

Price: $20

  • Professionally Designed, Mobile-Ready Popups
  • Email Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • 24-Hour Quick Support
  • In-Depth Analytics and Split Testing

Popups are proven to convert visitors on your website, and Ninja Popups for WordPress provides you with professionally designed, mobile-ready popups which could gain you new subscribers and social followers. Customisable popups can offer features such as discounts for leaving customers or lock content until people have shared, and you can measure their success using the new in-depth analytics function provided. Email marketing and social network integration are invaluable features too.

MyMail – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress


Price: $39

  • Tracks Opens, Clicks, Bounces and Unsubscriptions
  • Sends Auto Responses, Follow Ups and Birthday Deals
  • Simple Campaign Scheduling
  • Easy Content Editing
  • Subscriber Detail Profiles

Are newsletter campaigns a huge part of your lead generating, marketing plans? Then MyMail for WordPress is the most useful tool for you. Using the plugin, you’ll be able to create, send and track both small and large newsletter campaigns – making the most of scheduling, auto response and follow up features like birthday greeting or Christmas deal emails. Creating newsletters is simple too thanks to the easy content editing functionality, just drag and drop images into your templates to add colour to your messages. This plugin is well worth checking out.

Best Form Builder Plugins

QuForm – WordPress Form Builder


Price: $28

  • Simple Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Ready-To-Use Forms Within a Few Clicks
  • Multiple, Custom Build Forms Available
  • Fully Functional Forms Without Any Code
  • Completely Translational

QuForm for WordPress allows you to build ready-to-use forms within minutes, with no HTML or PHP coding required. You can create forms that work in all major browsers with ease using the plugin’s drag and drop functionality and it even has options for basic user or professional forms. The simple user interface and great design aren’t the only perks to this plugin though – it’s also set up so that you can view form entries using WordPress admin and send submitted form data using email.

Contact Form 7

Contact form 7

View Screenshots / Demo

Price: Free

  • Create and Manage Multiple Contact Forms
  • Customisable Forms
  • Easily Customisable Form Content
  • Simple User Interface
  • Online Plugin Support on WordPress Support Forum

Do you want the ability to create and manage multiple website contact forms from one place? Then Contact Form 7 is a WordPress plugin that you’re bound to find useful. Added functionality includes the ability to customise the form and its contents with simple mark-up, as well as form support for Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering.

Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

WordPress SEO


Try the demo free

Price: Free

  • Improve ALL Aspects of Your WordPress Site’s SEO
  • Increase Click Through For Organic Search Results
  • Technical Optimisation Capabilities
  • Focus Keyword Analysis For Your Articles
  • Page Analysis – Never Forget Alt Tag or Meta Descriptions Again

WordPress is the largest CMS in the world, so it’s already a great platform for SEO. The WordPress SEO plugin simple builds on that – assisting you in keeping an SEO focus for your site. It provides you with page and keyword analysis, technical SEO support and gives you the ability to choose which pages Google shows in its search results, and which it doesn’t. It also has technically advance XML Sitemaps and RSS optimisation which should all help to improve your rankings. This WordPress SEO plugin will only help in getting your articles seen.

WP Keyword Suggest

WP Keyword Suggest

View Screenshots / Demo

Price: Free

  • Free Keyword Research Tool
  • Advanced Keyword Suggestion List
  • Generates Ideas For Your Articles
  • Learn More About Your Niche
  • Easy-to-Use WordPress Widget Menu

WP Keyword Suggest is invaluable when it comes to instant keyword research for your latest articles. Using the widget which appears in the left menu on WordPress, you can learn more about your niche and generate new article ideas. It’s simple – by entering your keywords in the search box, WP Keyword Suggest creates a list of keywords for you which you can directly add to your article, article titles and tags. They keywords can also act as ideas for future posts.

Price: Free

  • Automatically Performs Image Optimisation
  • Optimises Existing and New Images
  • JPEG Compression, GIF Conversion and Indexed Image Optimisation
  • Seamless WordPress Integration
  • Fast Online Support and Bug Fixes

We highly recommended optimising images on your WordPress site for SEO purposes, by optimising your JPEG compression process, converting GIFS to indexed PNGs and stripping unused colours from indexed images. But doing this all manually can take up a lot of your time – that’s where WP comes in. This WordPress Plugin automatically performs these optimisations for you, so you don’t have to do anything differently from your usual practices. WP is another great, free WordPress plugin which is bound to save you a lot of time.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

View Screenshots / Demo

Price: Free

  • Get A Grade Google Page Speeds
  • Improve Bandwidth By Up To 80%
  • Compress HTML, Javascript and CSS Files
  • Bowser Caching and Progressive Rendering
  • Boost Conversions Through Faster Load Times

WP Total Cache is a performance based plugin that will speed up your website in many technical ways. With user experience and load times impacting rankings so much more, having a plugin that caches your pages, database, delivers faster content and will minify you code is vital. WP Total Cache can have conflicts with other themes and plugins – be sure to test your site on multiple devices once installed.


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