Streamlining Conversion

Our Structured, Scientific Approach

Your CRO is our science – one that requires the best tools and analytical minds to discover your unique objectives and audience needs, before implementing a strategy that truly maximises your ROI.

Here at Brave, improving your CRO is more to us than simply assessing how we can make your audience convert. Our analytical, formulaic approach means we gain a psychological understanding of your users – we want to know what makes them tick and what’s turning them away. Our team has the ability to take a traffic-heavy yet under-optimised site and transform it through our diagnostic, hypothesis and testing process – with high performance results that reduce customer acquisition costs and maximise your ROI, all while keeping users happy.


Website Usability Studies

Research shows that you have approximately 5 seconds before a user decides whether to continue using your website or not. Our job is to reduce misaligned customer expectations and cognitive overhead by providing content which we know they want to absorb. We have comprehensive, expert tools to perform usability tests – using targeted users in their natural environment – which assess your missed conversion opportunities and allow us act on them.


Mobile App and Web Usability Studies

According to Google, spontaneity is the reason for 81 percent of purchases made through a smartphone – which is just one of the reasons it’s important that your mobile app or website is optimised to its full potential. Our usability tests mean that we can quickly get video feedback on what your users are finding frustrating or confusing – allowing us to streamline your conversion process and reduce your bounce and exit rates, in turn increasing your ROI.


A/B Landing Page Optimisation

Our testing process is all to do with getting to know your users – we don’t do guesswork. We know that you need creative change, and we have the means to measure this in terms of how your users react quickly – so we can adapt, move forward and have constant proof that we are heading towards your optimisation goals. Like we said, it’s a science – we conduct multivariate testing to look into every aspect of your site that’s changing, so that we don’t miss a thing.


Analytics/Funnel Navigation Analysis

Funnel navigation analysis requires us to look into how users find their way to your ultimate end goals. We put ourselves in the users’ shoes to investigate the primary pathway to goals on your site – investigating conversion flow and finding out why people aren’t converting. Perhaps we need to remove steps to make it easier, or optimise the content. Whatever the reason, we’ll find it and make an informed choice on the appropriate action.

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Our conversion rate and analytics team works to align your requirements with the vast arsenal of tools and testing methodology to make sure you get the most from every visitor. We work through a cycle of continuous tasks to optimise the website and generate more goal conversions and results.

1. Understanding Your Needs

Before we define what form of website conversion rate optimisation you require, we listen to your needs in order to formulate a testing scenario specification document.

By understanding the specific targets, such as increasing call to action clicks, benchmarking against your competitors and completing website surveys, we can build the path to reach these.

Our team can achieve these quantitative goals by using a variety of proven methods such as using usability studies, A/B split testing, Analytics analysis or funnel conversion optimisation.

2. Development & Testing

Our CRO approach pulls together the minds of our development teams, creative designers and SEO experts to work with the CRO team to execute any requirement.

We then test and initiate your CRO campaign with full analytics tagging or report tracking setup.

3. Analysis & Report

Once data has been collected, the CRO team turn this into a report that can be analysed. By gathering and reviewing all the data we can see how people navigate your site, how they convert or what opinion they have on specific pages.

We then provide feedback on what needs to be done on the next cycle of optimisation.

4. Re-planning

Optimising your website is a continuous cycle to keep up with the times. Your business can change as can customer needs and online trends – we aim to keep your website up with the times and squeeze the value out of every page and customer.


Client: National Office Furniture Supplies

Objective:  Improve the conversion rates when launching a new website.

Strategy:  We created a new website, based on a data migration and a bespoke theme, which utilised data from Google Analytics to remove any areas of the old site that weren’t widely used, and focus on what the users were using more often. We also refined the buying process, making it easier for customers to add products to their basket, and via the use of an improved checkout, allow guests to check out faster.

Results: We launched the new website and improved conversion by over 30% compared to the same time period 12 months previously, a nice 6-figure increase!