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Bespoke content marketing that gives your business a voice

Content is the definitive way to completely reimagine your online brand image, and reinforce that connection with your audience.

BRAVE has a dedicated team of journalism graduate writers, who produce content which does more than just boost your page rankings. Our creative artists want to get to know your audience and engage them through diverse communication channels, to help you continue to grow. Let us scientifically formulate an online plan which breathes new life into your image, articulating inspiring content that we know your audience will want to absorb.


Blog writing

Blogging is an incredibly effective way to inspire your audience – providing evidence that you are an experienced authority in your area on a regular basis. But BRAVE is aware that businesses face challenges when providing engaging, quality content frequently alongside other deadlines. We want to combine your audience expertise and business tone with our syntax aware, online psychology-driven writers to impress your audience – and Google.


Content Marketing

Here at BRAVE we can help you to build communities to engage – inspiring thought and communication with already existing and new customers. Content is key to making this happen. In fact, it’s key to your whole digital evolution. Our creative team of marketers and designers put the colour back into your content, adapting our styles to deliver your needs. We’re not just writing for the search engine – this bespoke, timeless, high quality content is for your audience.


Data visualisation

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65 percent of us are visual learners and that’s a huge part of your audience. BRAVE is dedicated to all kinds of content – we have the creative minds, designers and researchers to make your visual campaign soar. We can take a small data set or a wave of information, we know how to design visuals that people want to share and we know exactly where it needs to be distributed to get noticed.


Web content /articles

When it comes to search engines, content is now king – and only the finest, quality SEO-driven content will cut the mustard. BRAVE can cultivate interest in your site while also appealing to the search engines – we’ll make sure your web pages are sustainable and shareable, with a focus on quality over quantity.

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Brave puts a lot of focus on quality and our structured marketing strategy ensures that your new content inspires the right reactions. We adopt your business tone, enhance your brand image and visualise your ideas so that you stand out from the competition.

1. Listening for inspiration

As we start our creative process – we want to get to know you, your brand and its needs.

Our aim is to work with you, together as a team, to realise the best path forward for your brand image and how we can create that optimum online presence for you.

2. Researching

Now we know your brand, it’s time to research what’s already been done, and what needs doing.

By taking a look at the messages that you and your competitors are already reaching out with, we can analyse audience reaction and realise what your consumers really want to know.

3. Planning

Now it’s time to combine everything that we’ve learned so far, so we can start filling in the gaps.

We’ll integrate your audience knowledge with our research ideas to plan optimised, targeted content that really means something to your audience.

4. Crafting your message

Writing is our craft, and we’ll immerse ourselves in your brand while creating your content.

This is where we get everyone involved – we create based on audience knowledge from our in-depth research and planning phases, so that your engaging messages flourish.

5. Reaching out

We don’t just set your content live and expect it to do all the work for us.

Our optimisation process means we’ll integrate key SEO and social media tactics, to make sure that your messages get to the right people.

6. Observation and analysis

Here at Brave, we’re used to dealing with huge volumes of data – and its key to your content success.

Our evaluation strategy turns data into real-time, valuable information so that we can formulate actionable plans to further improve and optimise for your goals.


Client: Gadget Valuer 150 Sustainable Resources Page

Objective:  Provide content for World Environment Day, detailing energy, water and food saving tips. Each individual content point needed to be printable as a poster as well.

Strategy:  We researched energy tips, created templates for each individual point, and put it together in a nice looking tab style area on the page. Beneath the tabs, is a more standard “list” of tips, and sustainable facts.

Results: After writing, and publishing, the content was used for World Environment Day – where it was shared on social media, and even appeared on several US radio stations.