Going Beyond Outreach

Enhancing Relationships, Building Your Exposure

Digital PR is no longer just about publishing a press release; it’s about building relationships with authoritative writers within your niche and pushing campaigns that make people care.

Building awareness of your brand is a great way to drive more traffic to your website – but this will only occur through quality press campaigns that target the right people. Let us get to know your brand’s story, so that we can build and nurture relationships with key-player journalists, from our 5,000 person-rich media database, by giving them what they want. We have the key contacts as well as distribution and analytical tools to cut through the social noise and create an online buzz which gets your audience talking – whether it’s for online coverage, social or SEO purposes.


Media Relations / Targeting

One of the biggest challenges your business faces when it comes to PR is targeting the right people. BRAVE has a 5,000 strong media database of influential journalists and bloggers, meaning we can find key players from the designated market areas of your choice. Our experienced research team can create unlimited, exportable target distribution lists containing writers who want to be contacted – you never have to miss an awareness opportunity ever again.


SEO Integration

When these influential journalists write about your brand they not only send traffic to your website, they also often provide a backlink as a citation. We ensure the campaign and communication is set up in a way that increases success rates and points huge strength at the right pages on your site. These backlinks, in premium news outlets, are the links SEO’s dream of – you’ll see that clearly when you leap frog over your competitors in the search engine rankings.


Premium Press Releases / New Distribution

A press release is now so much more than just a few hundred words – it’s interactive, web-optimised and important to your SEO efforts. We analyse your industry and benchmark your coverage against competitors, before our ex- journalist writers formulate the optimum, SEO-friendly release that industry commentators want to read and share. BRAVE’s PR distribution campaigns have resulted in national and international features in publications like the Telegraph, Guardian, T3, Bloomberg and Cnet.


Monitoring Topics / Crisis Management

In a world where social media rules, bad press can swarm your brand within just minutes of the latest tweet. But state-of-the-art, innovative online tools mean that we can monitor and counter this in just as little time. BRAVE’s crisis management team work with dedicated social media advisors to spot and divert from a social crisis, allowing us to quickly recover your online reputation.

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We develop a concrete plan to execute successful digital PR campaigns that drive traffic, social media buzz and backlinks to your website. We focus on understanding your business and formulating a well-researched plan that we can target to our extensive list of media outlets.

1. Understanding the client

From harvesting the successes and failures of your competitors, we can analyse your market to see what inspires our target journalists and media outlets to cover stories related to your niche.

From this we can work with you to uncover website data and industry knowledge that develops fresh ideas that have been previously unused. Once we’re focused on our campaign targets, we can plan out a well-informed proposition for your brand.

2. Research & planning

We will explore the media landscape in your territory to uncover the outlets, writers and social media gurus with similar interests. This enables us to build a personalised database for your website or specific outreach campaign that will cover different mediums of coverage.

We will then utilise our extensive relationships to test your press campaign material and get feedback on what appeals to journalists.

3. Outreach execution

With a campaign, journalist advice and target media outlets in mind, we begin to tailor the campaign emails, data, content and imagery required to begin a successful outreach.

Our knowledge of how particular journalists like to receive information, behave and work to their deadlines will increase pickup success rates. Knowing someone has a morning pitch meeting at 11am every day or prefers to be contacted by telephone can often be the difference in success of outreach and relationship building.

4. PR campaign monitoring

We don’t just launch a campaign, we optimise it. We set up online mention monitoring and pro-actively work on contacting journalists, starting conversations and building relationships.

We then strive to gain source citation backlinks from premium news features while the work is still fresh in the journalist’s mind.

5. Evaluate and report

All our PR activity is forecasted on the success of the relationships built and the campaign outreach achieved. This ensures that the success of future campaigns continues to improve and deliver consistent results.

We can then report that success back to you.


Client: Compare My Mobile

Objective:  Strengthen the brand and visibility in the search engines to bring its online authority metrics in line with their competitors.

Strategy:  We analysed the market in several countries and found where competitors had success. We then collaborated with the Head of Technology at the Guardian newspaper, and the client, to formulate a powerful story with exclusivity.

Results: In less than 7 days our client was featured in 500 online news outlets. The website visibility of keyword rankings increased 30% in search engines as well as traffic and referral sales.