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Integrate with NetSuite Systems

BRAVE offers Magento integration to NetSuite systems. This is an excellent way of storing & collecting product, order and customer data, via the UK’s #1 cloud ERP software package!

Why integrate with Netsuite?

  • Improved stock management – Directly sync up stock levels in your warehouse with those available on your website. This removes the risk of over-selling on stock you don’t have.
  • Updated product attributes – To help keep your products as accurate as possible, and to improve your chance of converting customers, you can automatically update product attributes all in one place.
  • Reduced labour costs – the very nature of this software means less need for manual input of technical data, and thus reduces costs of labour.
  • Improved customer service – The system can automatically transfer customer details for shipping, which speeds up the distribution chain and improves customer service.
  • Improves marketing capabilities – The ability to fully track the purchasing process of all customers means you can garner valuable insight into shopping habits. This then allows you to improve your marketing strategy in line with what your customers want.
  • Fast access to detailed reports – As all sales and accounting information gets updated automatically, you can quickly gather detailed reports of all activity.

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How It Works

NetSuite is an order management system – as soon as customers checkout from the Magento store, sales orders are created within NetSuite. This in turn instantly affects stock levels with near real-time stock synchronization between NetSuite and the Magento platform you’re running a store on.

In terms of managing products, pricing, images, categories and other custom attributes, everything is managed directly in your NetSuite account, and changes made are integrated or updated in your Magento store.

In a nutshell, you use NetSuite to manage your store as a business with all the required admin tasks, that data is integrated into your Magento store, where customers can purchase goods to feed back into NetSuite.

What is it?

If you’re looking to streamline your business and offload many of the more mundane tasks, then NetSuite could be the ideal solution. Netsuite is an all-in-one cloud ERP software package, designed to make running your business easier and more profitable.

It incorporates all aspects of accounting, CRM, eCommerce and inventory control, to allow you to improve the functionality of your systems. Access to real-time reporting allows you to keep up to date with the performance of your company and implement necessary change.

It also integrates with Magento for a seamless delivery of services. By working with NetSuite as your chosen ERP software package, you can gain deeper insight into how to streamline your business and quickly scale it to reach more customers.

Step 1:
NetSuite to Magento

Product Data


Stock Levels

Step 2:
Magento to NetSuite

Order Information

Customer Information

Step 3:
NetSuite to Magento

Updated Quantity

Order Statuses

Shipping Status