Campaign Management

PPC Campaign Management To Get Seen Quickly

Our PPC specialists aim to reduce your cost per click spends and increase goal conversions. Put simply, we live data optimisation.

Running your pay-per-click campaign through BRAVE is money well spent. We understand that a well-defined campaign with detailed keyword research, account structure and continuous management can result in lower costs per click than your competitors, more traffic and ultimately revenue. Our PPC professionals are devoted to researching and split testing masses of data to devise a transparent campaign that has real measurable success and ROI.


Google Adwords Campaign

Let BRAVE fuel your Google Adwords PPC campaign and enhance your traffic and sales. Our UK based advertising specialists will conduct a PPC audit of your campaign and formulate the highest priorities. Our PPC management experts focus on outlining your objectives, creating a strategy through comprehensive keyword research, ad copywriting and bid management. We’ll then rinse and repeat using our reporting tools, driving down your costs and increasing your Adwords presence.


Google Display Network & Remarketing

BRAVE can create image text and interactive video sponsored adverts to place on websites that are relevant to what your business is selling or advertising. We also provide remarketing and retargeting services using Google’s Display network to pull back potential customers that left your site. Our Google Display Network management services give you adept specialists who will create an advertising strategy, design bespoke ads and provide personal ongoing management and reporting.


Keyword & Ad Grouping

Google Adwords keyword grouping is vastly overlooked, and is one of the key pitfalls in any pay per click marketing campaign. Creating intelligent, confined and well organised groups can propel your campaign with higher click through rates (CTR), better quality scores, reduced cost per actions (CPA) and ultimately more conversions. This is the bread and butter of your campaign – Google are looking for tight, relevant ads that match your landing page to provide a better user experience – semantic keyword grouping does this.


Ad Creative Design

We have over 10 years’ design experience with the top brands in the country. Our in house team have huge experience in adhering to brand guidelines and creating magnificent graphics that expand your brand reach on Google’s Display Network. We can work with all dimensions of ad size to get your message across and placed on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Our designers know the golden rules for successful ads, keeping brand, the value proposition and call to action at the forefront of every design.


ROI Bid Management

Efficient and continuous optimisation is the heart of a long lasting and fruitful PPC campaign. BRAVE uses a combination of bid management software, Google’s own tools and our great minds to focus on the following expressions; ad copywriting and split testing, match type expansion and ongoing keyword trend research. We’ll also get our UX team involved to work on optimising your landing page to not only increase conversions but tighten your Google quality score.


Testing, Tracking & Benchmarking

Reporting is a fundamental aspect of any pay per click service. BRAVE aims to give clients complete transparency with detailed analytical reporting. We can work with you to get your Google Analytics setup and integrate custom reports and tracking tools. These tools not only help you make sense of the Adwords data, they provide a crystal clear way to measure PPC ROI, impressions, clicks, CTR, CPA and conversions.

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BRAVE is a successful PPC advertising agency that aims to deliver our clients affordable PPC management that dishes out results. The creation of a successful, scalable PPC campaign takes creativity and intelligence; our big brand experience, graduate copywriters and optimisation reporting give us the ability to invent persuasive, revenue driving ads.

1. Campaign Audit and Strategy

If you have a campaign already running, the first step is to do a PPC audit to discover what we could do better and prioritise changes. If you haven’t got an Adwords account or campaign we can set one up quickly and get started.

We’ll conduct a thorough audit of your site looking for ways to boost your quality score and initiate setting practical targets to support you in achieving a cost per click (CPC) you can afford.

2. Keyword Research & Ad Grouping

Our paid advertising specialists and SEO team will begin collecting thousands of keywords from multiple sources. We’ll begin to pinpoint the most profitable pockets of your niche as well as areas of low competition and buying keywords for your campaign.

We’ll begin eliminating areas of financial waste in your account including irrelevant keywords and negative keywords. With our fresh list we’ll begin the keyword grouping of your ads, creating an organised and concise list to begin copywriting.

3. Ad Copywriting / Creative

We put some serious labour into improving your CTR though smart ad copy. Our graduate copywriters have great experience in fashioning compressed, potent copy from optimising not only AdWords campaigns, but social, blog and PR headlines that bite!

We’ll create beautifully formatted ads that highlight the value proposition, CTA and keywords.

4. Optimisation & Bid Management

The wheel of optimisation continuously turns and we know the faster we deploy, audit and edit your ads the faster you reap the rewards. We’ll examine all aspects of your bids, keywords, copy and grouping to fuel conversions.

We’ve seen numerous times that the top position may not be the most profitable for your business, so finding the most rewarding spot between quality traffic and cost is paramount. We can also work with you to understand the true value of a consumer post sale to get true value out of your PPC.

5. Tracking & Reporting

We’ll define what form of reporting is required for every client – integrating with their analytics and making sure realistic goal conversions are set up to accurately measure return on investment.

Our ethos is to deploy, test and refine metrics. We’ll keep you up to date with our campaign performance and test results, detailing any new strategy we adopt and recommending any site changes to increase ROI.

This approach constantly brings in results for our pay per click clients.


Client: Compare My Mobile

Objective:  CMM had an under performing PPC campaign with negative ROI. Frustrations grew as competitors in the same market had high spend suggesting it was a profitable niche.

Strategy:  BRAVE conducted PPC Audit and discovered negative keywords, poor ad grouping as well as device and geographical advantages to be optimised.

Results: 69% profit return on investment, increased visibility, increased click through rates, lower cost per click.