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Google has over 200 ranking factors that depict how your website appears in the results; the importance of these can change on a month by month basis. We’ve developed an internal process that ensures all the most important factors are streamlined to deliver our clients the best long term results.

5 Fundamental Steps Our Campaign Success

Client Q&A

You know your business the best – that’s why we kick off every campaign with a data gathering exercise working with you. If may be able to inform us of yearly trends, existing partnerships and popular products, categories or assets you have.

Intelligent Data Analysis

We’ll pull in all your data from sources like Google Analytics, Search Console and popular SEO tools to create a headline report. This enables us to scope out the work that’s needed for the website both internally (technical/content) and external marketing.

Industry SEO Review

We’ll use SEO tools that monitor links and social buzz to evaluate what’s performing in your industry. This enables us to sculpt campaigns and asset creation around proven techniques that will deliver both good link placements and ranking results.

SEO Campaign Review

We’ll contact you to review the findings of your campaign research. We’ll discuss the initial areas that require attention so everyone involved is conscious of the direction of the campaign.

Topical Keyword Research

With Googles semantic approach in mind, Brave will conduct keyword research that pulls in topical data around your target keywords – giving us both content gaps to work on and a broader spectrum of keywords to rank for.

On Page SEO Changes

Following the development of topical keyword analysis, we’ll create a report of content improvements to be made to the website. This report will grade your pages by highlighting areas for improvement, giving Google the crawl food they need!

Technical SEO Audit

Brave will run Technical SEO audits on your website to identify issues with content, Meta tags, crawler access and rich snippet setup. We want to ensure Google has no issues with the technical SEO configuration of your website.

RankBrain Audit

The direction of Googles ranking system is evolving towards an AI approach – Based on this, we review your site and provide design, layout and content recommendations to lower bounce rates and improve goal conversions.

Developer Fixes

Simply give us access to your website and Brave will provide internal technical research to fix non-content based technical SEO issues such as redirects, canonical tags, robots and htaccess files – removing the headache from you.

Content Gap Analysis

The content gap review is slightly different, using ahrefs we’ll analyse keywords your competitors rank for that you don’t. This will provide us with insights into new pages that need to be created, as well as existing content to be improved.

Content Calendar

Based on the content gap reports, our team will assign lower commercial intent to the keywords and build a content calendar of topics that need to be created for blog posts. This targeted content not only has a much better chance to ranking, but will bring in traffic and links.

Landing Page Creation

The keywords that service the highest level of commercial intent will either be assigned to existing pages or new pages that need to be created. These are pages we’ll perform silo based internal linking and focus the authority link growth on.

Link Prospecting Services

We create a custom list of websites to outreach too based on your industry and asset topics. We vet each website top make sure they’re real sites with traffic, authority, community interaction and much more. This means the features you get are genuine and not from someone selling links (which is against Googles guidelines).

Outreach Templates

We create custom outreach templates for your campaigns, organising all the content and data into an easy to digest, concise email format. This includes ensuring all the assets are web ready and the pitches are tailored to the genres of websites we’re contacting.

Backlink Outreach

Once we have our list and templates, we’ll begin outreaching to all the websites in the list to secure guest posts, PR features, resource and broken link placements. We handle all the follow up communication, chase placements and make amends to get the links approved by the site owners.

Manual Content Placement

There are some great platforms where we can syndicate your content and reuse assets created on your website to broaden their exposure. Our team will work on repurposing this content on the appropriate platforms, even converting mediums like posts into PDFs or infographics into slides.

Monthly SEO Reporting

On a monthly basis we’ll deliver a report that shows you the progress of the campaign – this includes ranking changes, traffic changes, SEO visibility and the tasks completed by our team. This gives you comprehensive transparency over the campaign.

Ongoing Modifications

As trends and ranking factors change, so does our approach to your campaign. We’ll review areas we’re not happy with, as well as use the latest changes in Google to continuously grow evolve our methods to deliver the best possible growth.

KPI & Goal Benchmarking

We work with you to develop key performance indicators which allow us to track the impact of our campaign. This will include the basics link ranking and traffic increases as well as ecommerce, subscriber and other goal related conversions.

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There’s a reason why Brave dominates Google with the best customer reviews in our region – we’re dedicated to establishing long term relationships with our clients. We invest time into the SEO community to stay ahead of the pack, checkout this case study from one of our clients.

Client: Compare My Mobile

Objective: Grow organic visits and conversions to prepare the business for acquisition.

Strategy: We analysed all the features other brands had in the industry, measuring the success in links acquired. From this we were able to build a bespoke data tool to which we used to land placements in the top 500 news sites that established a ridged authority.

Additionally, we analysed niche related technology survey data that achieved success and created our own super surveys to land features in niche blogs.

Finally we supported the campaign with more natural placements of media and content syndication, broken links and placement in resources pages.

Results: The Organic traffic increased 614% over 3 yearsThe outreach campaign enabled this client to get FREE placements and links from websites that charge £1,000’s for advertising features every month. The most features we achieved from one single outreach campaign 800, they achieved 1st place rankings from 48 of the top 50 keywords delivering traffic and were acquired by a large London tech giant.