Building relationships and communicating with people who could be helpful for your brand can seem like a mammoth task – but in truth it doesn’t really need to be. We now have the online tools to create a manageable way to reach out to a wider audience.

FollowerWonk is a fantastic search tool for Twitter that also allows you to analyse influencers on the social network and monitor their activity. You can import lists of anyone you think is a valuable Twitter influencer to FollowerWonk and use BuzzStream to connect and interact with them.

BuzzStream goes above and beyond, by not only putting all of your new significant contacts in one place, but by also telling you if they have a website and how authoritative that website actually is. It’s an essential marketing tool.

How to get started with FollowerWonk and BuzzStream

Imagine that we are starting an organic food business in Dorset and we need to start building essential relationships with influential people with a passion for organic produce.

To begin, you need to search the area that you are targeting. On the ‘Search Twitter bios’ section, we would enter ‘organic’ into the search bar, while setting the location to Dorset.

TIP: If you can’t see the location tab then hit the ‘more options’ button below the search bar.

A list of Twitter influencers with a love for the organic will appear, showing you the number of followers they have and their social authority. This is your new valuable contact list.

Export the file and upload your new contacts to BuzzStream


Using the export button you can download your results into an excel file, ready to reach out with your marketing tool.

In BuzzStream, go to the ‘People’ tab at the top of the page, click on import and then import my .csv. Choose your file and you’re away!

To ensure that everything matches up you will need to match up your FollerWonk export fields with BuzzStream fields.

E.g. – The screen name on FollowerWonk will need to match up with Twitter, the Full Name FollowerWonk field with need to match up with the BuzzStream field that says ‘Person Name, First Name, Last Name’ etc.

You might still find that some aspects don’t match up, but it will do the majority of the job accurately for you. By the time BuzzStream has done its work you’ll have a full on database of names, websites, social accounts and even any email addresses it might find.

Start building relationships on BuzzStream

Now, under ‘People’ you will see your list of influential new friends and the best ways to get in touch. As you contact them you can keep a record of what was said, when it was said and whether you got a response by using the ‘History’ section and by changing the relationship stage on the right hand side.

If you are particularly interested in building valuable links, then the domain authority feature is especially useful. It allows you to find the contacts that will be most influential and therefore beneficial to your business.

All of these options give you the opportunity to sort your new contacts into priority levels so that you can start spreading the word about your business on quality websites. But from here it really is down to you – start showing these people what you have to offer them and begin you link building journey.

Good luck!

Do you have more questions about FollowerWonk and BuzzStream – get in touch with our marketing team now for instant answers or comment below.