Growing Your Business


Digital PR

Creating long-lasting relationships with journalists, influencers and quality websites is at the heart of our efforts when creating an online buzz around your growing brand. BRAVE has a database of important contacts from a variety of niches, ready to hear your messages and maximise your overall reach. Let us get to know your brand and your audience, so we can form campaigns which cut through the noise – raising awareness of your brand, naturally enhancing your SEO and generally forming relationships which help you to maintain a strong brand image at all times.

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Content Marketing

Content is now king when it comes to improving your website and page rankings, and it’s key to creating those all-important relationships with your customers too. That’s why BRAVE’s creative marketing team has learned exactly how to provide you with content that assists with your SEO efforts, while also identifying with your audience in a way that they truly appreciate. Using proven research and analysis methods, our team has the moves to create content for a variety of multimedia platforms – reaching out to your customers with well designed, well written creations that impress them and Google.

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Social Media Services

Online presence now goes further than well-presented, functional websites – social media plays a key part in building your reach in the online sphere and maintaining it. By using various social platforms, we are able to analyse your audience, get to know them and in-turn communicate with them using these social platforms, in a way that suits their needs. Through social voice, advertising and social engagement we can help you connect with your audience in a completely revolutionary way. Read more about how social media can help your brand, and get in touch for your consultation – begin planning your tailored social strategy today.

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Link Audit & Removal

BRAVE’s backlink audit & removal team have had 500,000 links removed and brought businesses and brands back to life. If your website has dropped and you’ve received a penalty then there are ways we can help. We have experience in pulling together all backlinks, compiling a list of any bad ones, then putting together an effective, aggressive removal campaign to rid your site of any damaging links. We are extremely thorough in our bid to remove toxic links and contact webmasters where they are placed to have them removed. Read more here to begin your steps toward website recovery and removing toxic links from your profile.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our team has years of experience in getting to know customers in a whole range of niches, which means now BRAVE has the ultimate formulaic approach when it comes to your conversion rate optimisation. We research and analyse data and consumer behaviour to gain a psychological understanding of your audience – optimising through a testing process which includes web and mobile app usability studies, A/B split testing, and an in-depth look into analytics and customer navigation. We are leaders in creative change – find out more about how we can help you towards your ROI goals here.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

BRAVE clients have benefited massively from efforts put into PPC (pay-per-click) – a success we’ve been able to measure with extreme accuracy. With in-depth research into the market and the competitors, we can launch a more intelligent campaign: the team will experiment with dozens of ad copies, bids and keyword groups to get the best ROI for your business. We can also provide remarketing and display advertising services with attractive creative designs which pull your lost visitors back in and turn them into sales. To understand more about how we can make your brand a healthy profit, get in touch with the team today for a consultation.

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