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BRAVE has years of experience in scrupulous planning and research, which means we can educate your workforce and support your business’ online consultancy for a variety of scenarios.

The team at BRAVE has over 15 years’ online experience, managing some of the largest brands in the country and working alongside multiple industry-leading digital marketing agencies. What does this mean? We have absorbed and innovated knowledge that stands the test of time, managing and providing the integration of web services for billion pound worldwide corporations.

We would love to help you manage your online channel, or facilitate your business by being on a consultancy board for crucial decisions.


SEO Training Course

Intermediate to advanced

Our courses are taught by our experienced, in-house specialists. We share our industry experience, teaching SEO strategy and revealing some amazing tips and common pitfalls. We aim to give you the tools you need to be a well-rounded specialist in SEO.

SEO training workshops

  • Introduction to SEO today
  • Website auditing and tools
  • On site optimisation & development
  • Ranking in Local SEO
  • Advanced link building and outreach
  • Pitfalls and risks


Social Media Training Course

Beginner to advanced

Using organic search as a source of traffic is getting tougher, while social media is growing and evolving. Applying our course teachings can generate more traffic than you ever dreamed of, as well as making your brand have an emotional impact on your audience.

Social media training workshops

  • Introduction to social media
  • Social media platform hints and tips
  • Choosing your platform and voice
  • Social media monitoring and tools
  • Strategy and goals
  • Running successful promotions

Web Development Consultancy

BRAVE has been developing websites and integrating fulfillment systems, logistics / warehousing, telephone systems, market places, email software and payment gateways for a number of years. If you have complicated pitch documents, technical questions and queries regarding third party services and integration, we provide consultancy, and weed out the technical problems and bad agencies to create a solid architecture for your online entity. Get in touch to today to organise a consultation and start evolving your business.

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