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In this Beginners’ Guide to YouTube, we’ll cover the following. Click on the links to get to where you need to be:

  1. Introduction to YouTube
  2. YouTube Image Guide
  3. YouTube Dos
  4. YouTube Don’ts

What You Will Learn:

How to Create a Stunning Youtube Profile

Learn how to create a profile that reflects your orgnisation in an optimum fashion – attract new viewers and potential customers.

Optimise Your Videos to Their Full Potential

Don’t let you videos get lost in the noise – learn how to make them stand out from the crowd, and show up in the search engines!

Keep Your Viewers Engaged

Keep your viewers on the edge of their seats until the end of your video – learn how to create engaging videos.

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What is YouTube?

YouTube is the number one video sharing site, with over a billion unique visits each month – so we’re sure you’ve heard of this one.

But how are you supposed to approach YouTube as a brand? Well, thousands of YouTube channels are actually creating six figure sums for people every single year – so it’s certainly possible.

Videos are now being uploaded to YouTube at record rates, and the ability to share or embed videos across a range of other social networks, blogs and websites means it’s easier than ever to get your content seen. It’s all about standing out, sharing across multiple platforms and engaging users – and we can tell you how to get started.

Create Amazing Visual Stories

300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every single minute, so how are you supposed to stand out from the crowd?

There are proven ways to get your profile and videos seen on YouTube, and setting up right will get you on the right track. From setting up your profile to truly reflect your business, to engaging viewers in conversations using comments and other social networks – you’ll begin to see your YouTube videos grow and grow.

Start measuring your success, analysing your audience and building on this knowledge and you’ll be making the most of YouTube’s features in no time. Don’t hesitate – start your YouTube journey today.


Youtube Image Setup and Implementation

YouTube is a visual social network, and that means it’s not just your videos that need to look incredible. Your YouTube profile should reflect the quality of your business and the content those viewers are about to see.

Your profile picture should be your company logo or mascot, while your cover photo should reflect a current campaign or a recent company achievement. A large cover photo is a great opportunity to tell your audience more about the orgnisation.

It goes without saying that these images should be of high quality too – so follow the following image sizes to get this right.



Top 3 YouTube Dos

YouTube is an incredibly powerful, visual tool – which helps individuals and organisations to share their story or journey. It works amazingly with other social networks too, enabling people to encourage emotive responses from users – so here’s how to make the most of it.

DO Create a Complete Account

This sounds simple but it’s important to get it right. You want people to take your content seriously, on a YouTube page that looks professional. This means making great thumbnail and banner images for your YouTube profile, and completing full descriptions on who you are and what people can find on your channel.

DO Keep Content Up To Date

Don’t leave a YouTube channel inactive for months on end – even though you might not make videos as often as you post on other social networks, it’s important to keep the account active so that people continue to follow you and enjoy your content. Come up with simple ideas for videos so you can keep your account active within your time limit.


DO Write Transcripts For Your Videos

By writing transcripts and uploading them to go with your video, it will be easier to find using the search bar. You want your video to be easy to find so it’s worth spending the time to type out your video’s script – there may be important keywords within it which contribute to its searchilibity. Don’t miss out on views – make time to transcribe.

Key Additional YouTube Tips

In order to make the most of YouTube, you need to ensure that your profile is optimised so that people can find it, and they enjoy your content when they do. Here’s how else you can make that happen.

DO Make The Most of Your Keywords

If you have keywords for your website, or that you’re using for the video, then use them in your YouTube descriptions too. This will make your videos easier to find.

DO Make it Look Great

Video is obviously a visual platform – so everything about it needs to look great. If this means hiring some professional help for the video then do it – but it also means ensuring the images used on your profile are up to scratch too.

DO Share the Video

Share it across your other social networks – you’ll need to do this to get it seen by people who aren’t always avid YouTube watchers. Send it out to the masses!

DO Use YouTube Analytics

You should constantly look for ways to improve your YouTube channel. Once a video is live, look at analytics to see how many people have watched it, or at what point people stopped watching your video. Use analytics to get to know your audience.


Top 3 YouTube Don’ts

As with all social networks, there are a few ways that are bound to lose you followers, cause offence and potentially hold you back. Here are some top tips on things to avoid when using YouTube.

DON’T Just Assume Your Video Will Go Viral

Don’t just assume your video will go viral, and then give up if it doesn’t. Truth be told – videos don’t have to go viral to be successful for your orgnisation. Decide what you want to achieve from the video before you make it and focus on that as a goal – any virality or shares you get on top of that can just be thought of as a bonus and could help you in the future.

DON’T Add Videos That Don’t Fit Your Niche

Don’t just post videos for the sake of posting videos – everything you add should be of value to your followers in some way, shape or form. If you start adding random visuals that your audience doesn’t really want to see then people will unfollow your account and you could miss out on building an audience that actually does want to see and absorb your relevant videos.

DON’T Forget to Share Across Social Networks

Videos become successful if they’re shared widely, so make sure you start the sharing yourself! We can’t stress this enough – you’re missing out on a much wider reach for your new video if you don’t share these videos across your Facebook, Twitter and Pintetest accounts. That’s right, you can add videos to Pinterest too, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.

YouTube compare

Additional YouTube Don’ts…

Don’t miss out on potential reach – there are simple steps you can take to ensure you don’t miss out, take a look at more of our top tips below.

DON’T Put The Most Interesting Part of Your Video at the Beginning

If you put the most interesting point to your video at the very beginning then your audience might not watch your video until the end. Leave people wanting more until the very last part of your video – just make sure it isn’t too long if you do this.

DON’T Ignore Analytics

If people stop watching your previous video at a certain point then don’t make the same mistake in future content – learn from your mistakes, gain more followers and you’ll conquer YouTube.

DON’T Leave Your Account Half Finished

Leaving your account half finished will make it harder to find, and therefore your videos will be harder to find too. Don’t miss out on viewers because you haven’t set up properly. Get it done at the beginning.

DON’T Post Low Quality Video

This one sounds obvious but again, we can’t stress it enough – people do not like watching low quality videos. It’s fine to use smartphones to video as long as you have someone who is skilled at doing it – make sure that your video is clear and easy to watch.


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