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Your B2B site has the potential to grow and expand your business, and we are here to help you do that. The B2B market is huge, and we have all the tools and expertise you need to beat competitors and pull in more customers, so you can take your business to the next level.

To tap into the B2B market successfully, you need the right site, and also the right partner to deliver this site. BRAVE likes to think of itself as a member of the team, and will be 100% committed to moving your business forward in the best way possible. In an ever changing platform, we can help futureproof your business site, and help you reach more customers.

Our working relationship with clients is crucial, that’s why we like to fully understand your needs and communicate what we are doing throughout the project. Our dedicated project manager will help direct delivery of your project, so you can be confident that you have a fully functional, customised Magento B2B site, which is functionally impeccable. We want to make your customers love you even more. Magento is what we do, and as your Magento agency, you can be sure you’re getting the best.



ABS Holdings – the leading adult toy distributor in the UK – has been working with BRAVE to create and maintain their online B2B platform. Based upon Magento, this solution provides all of the complex pricing structures required and integrates with SAP for their management of their business.

Transferring clients between CMS systems in a seamless way can often be a challenge. In this case, the transfer of their huge customer base, inventory and pricing structures took very careful consideration. Pricing in particular had to utilize account specific pricing, tiered pricing, customer group pricing, catalog price rules and shopping cart price rules in order to provide their desired outcome.

Seamless integration with SAP, their business management solution, was achieved to manage inventory and catalog updates, customers and orders. Essentially Magento on this instance is now acting ‘dumb’ – not doing any order or customer management of its own. Instead, all data is transferred backwards and forwards between SAP and Magento using the Magento API.

During the migration between platforms it is essential that all redirects are in place. This not only helps customers to find their way to the resources on the new site structure – but also help ensure that Google remains happy, and no ‘juice’ from existing backlinks are lost which otherwise would affect the site negatively in search results.

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Why Choose BRAVE For Your eCommerce Project?

Experience With Many ERP Solutions

We’ve integrated with many ERP solutions, including SAP, Netsuite, datafile and more. We are confident that there is not a single installation that we can’t integrate whether that is XML, Web Services, SOAP, Flat file CSV – we’ll manage them all!

Deep Understanding of Magento

Our developers live and breathe magento. It is their job to ensure that you have a fully integrated site and solution which you are more than just happy with – they want you to love it. Such an in-depth knowledge of Magento means you can ensure your site will perform exactly how you want it. We work to deliver the ideal solution for you, so you can start hitting your business targets.

In-House System Architectures

We know that a crucial service in any integration is ensuring that we are mapping the business logic and correct processes. Luckily we can handle that, so that’s on less weight on your mind.